What impact do high streets have on the change of their buildings?

Online service, Helsinki 2011-

Founder and co-developer together with Hannu Aarniala, Elina Alatalo, Kimmo Koivisto & Inari Virkkala.

Mushrooming is a practical tool as well as an experimentation platform to network co-work spaces and creative professionals in Helsinki, cultivate a culture of co-working, networking and sharing and promote small indie-businesses. A free online service Mushrooming.fi lets people offer and find co-working desks and contact creative workers. The site, supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation was launched in March 2013.

Mushrooming is developed and run non-commercially and voluntarily. It experiments on what happens when creative minds get together and go public. The project kicked off with an Facebook group and events in 2011, gathering soon an active online community.

Mushrooming lets people find a private or a co-working community for freelancing, meetings, a project or leisure activity – temporarily or permanently. Although designed primarily for offering workspace, Mushrooming.fi is basically a search and communication tool plus a society of creative people that can be used for any equation. The site can be searched for locations, prices or other keywords and browse co-work spaces. In a similar way, Mushrooming can be searched for e.g. independent architects, photographers or academics, who can deliver even small assignments flexibly thus lowering the threshold to use such professionals’ help.

Mushrooming has also Facebook sites in different cities: Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, Turku and Jyväskylä.